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The unique feature of Next Level Business Support is that we are hands-on, helping to make it happen.

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NextLevel MIVIS Charting Process

MIVIS Charting Process

This simply means that you can’t know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked. Our 55 years of combined business consulting experience has developed our proprietary MIVIS Charting system – specifically designed to meet these needs.

KPI Visualisation

After implementing our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) visualisation system, you will be able to walk into your business and within a few minutes understand exactly how your business is operating. Each KPI will be visually displayed and you will know what areas of your business need your attention and what areas of your business are performing strongly. This is the power of KPI visualisation.

NextLevel Business Performance Analysis

Process Improvement & Optimisation

Our MIVIS system of measurement and visualisation allows us to quickly identify the holes and gaps in the business that are creating inefficiency and increased overheads. When the holes have been identified we work hands-on to help streamline the process for optimal efficiency and profitability.

We have designed and engineered job scheduling systems, dynamic ticket pricing models, asset utilisation models and productive efficiency systems to name a few. These models and systems are designed to do one thing – optimise business processes for a greater return on investment.

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Business Support & Maintenance

Once the MIVIS systems of measurements and visualisation are implemented, the business owner walks into their business and within a few minutes knows exactly how their business is operating. The business owner now knows where to work on improving systems and processes, and this clear, firm and tageted effort drives better results.

We care about how we have helped you and we will continue to provide support and assistance when it is needed. The on-going support and maintenance is designed to meet your needs.

Case Studies & Insights

Discover real Geelong businesses achieving success with our consulting services.

About Next Level Business Support
About Us

The experience we offer helps businesses find better ways.

Next Level Business Support was born out of a collaboration between Ron Kempe, a systems and process engineer, and Lyndon Russell, an accountant specialising in business services and tax. The pair met on-site at a mutual client when Lyndon was going over the business budget for the next financial year. At this meeting the pair discussed ways in which they could collaborate and support their client to achieve better results. A system of measurement and visualization was thought-out, designed and implemented. Within 3 short months, the client earned 4 x Net profit due to the systems and processes that were optimised.

Next Level Business Support is passionate about helping small business owners take control of their business, make more money and have a great time in the process of achievement.

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